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May 5, 2009

Lustre to your body

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031Sometimes or read you hear at the bulletin that there is talk a sun strength certain of. In that scale it is globally indicated how long the skin of an average can Dutchman endure in the middle of on the day sun. Sun strength (UV index) is possible in our country can vary of 0, when there are no UV up to 8 for the maximum quantity UV-zonlicht. At a low sun strength (0-4) the skin burns less rapidly than at a high sun strength (7 and higher). In general applies: how higher sun strength can you sit, all the shorter uprotected in the sun. Read tips also our concerning judicious sunbathe

It does not make from which composition chooses sunburn if it concerns now a milk, cream, gel, Spray or (dry) oil. It is important that you lubricate the dik on your body, also already get you a white waas on your skin. If you that fine does not find can choose you for transparent zonnecrème. Still a nice weetje from Nivea-onderzoek: if women can choose by which celebrity they sometimes want be rubbed stretches George Clooney the crown with Brad turns in on the Second and Barack Obama on the third spot. Most important: lustre to your body. Already your skin starts prick or itches or if you feel yourself no longer pleasantly in the sun, go directly! From recent research Nivea becomes clear that the Dutch woman frequently forgets lubricate if she remains in own country and just of sun protection thinks if them the border concerns. That perhaps also applies to you. You stop almost automatic your sunburn cream in your case if you go abroad, but you forget it if you sit in the Netherlands on the terrace, to sports are or in the garden works. Is it, however, necessary in the Netherlands lubricate? Which sunburn cream and how much? The protection factor which you have necessary depends especially on your skin type. Moreover also a role plays sun strength or UV-index. Our tips:

Verify which skin type has you. The speed of combustion by the sun for example your shoulders and back cancel it most concerning your skin type. The external characteristics are it less determinative. If your between 2 skin types in sits, molar then for the lowest skin type.



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photo-dambiance_eau-de-sisley-2-290x407Our favoriete make-up mark MAC, from Mineralize Eye existing temporarily a couple fantastic Flash Tronic products have now launched Shadow (6 dyes), Skin Finisher (3 colour) and a lip glasses (4 colours) and a set beautiful aspergilla. Make-up on the basis of minerals is the newest worldwide recent development. L’Oreal Paris could be inspired by the virtues of minerals with 100% natural and huidvriendelijke ingredients. True Match mineral ones are the first powder with minerals which cover as a foundation. The aspergillum has been developed special for this product and ensures a perfect distribution concerning the face.

In the United States i.d. bareMinerals, are the number 1 mineral make-up line in the world, an absolute top hit and also in the Netherlands the line enjoys meanwhile an enormous popularity! The i.d. bareMinerals powder foundation and the i.d. bareMinerals, won Blush distributed in America recently `Glammy Award’, by glamor journal. The American products house and absolute `beauty-mekka’ Sephora gave i.d. bareMinerals no less than 4 `best or Sephora Awards’ for respectively: dear foundation, best powder, best concealer and best skin care! Rituals pure beauty mineral Make up line – BUY ONLINE Rituals are the first mark in the world that an exclusive cosmetics line launches formulas on the basis of high tech in combination with secular gems for the functioning on the skin. The natural minerals ensure intense colours and pure side gives a sensational softness. The cosmetics exist from pure formulas, this means parfumvrij, contain none or very mild conservatives and on animals have been tested.

The Body Shop Mineral warming mask

The mineral warming mask van The Body Shop is a delicious mask which, after you have produced it, the skin warmly do sense. The mask exists from kaolin clay, whose and essential oil. Clay draws as it were the dirt from the skin. And you have a deliciously clean skin which senses smoothly! after use

Mineral make-up & skin care

Minerals need we for our body, because we do not produce them. The largest part of the minerals swipe you feeding. It is important therefore well of eating! Without aid of these minerals function do not be possible vitamins for example. By a mineral as iron our body can transport oxygen. And calcium is important for buds out. Other minerals play among others a role at the increase or maintaining fabric. By these microdeeltjes, can we can our muscles contract ourselves our move on. In short: we cannot without!

Nowadays minerals are always more often added to make-up and other beauty products. It is natural, pure and parfumvrij. Makers of mineral make-up claim that 0.0% chemicals in their products there sit. And wants who that nou not? You beautiful make without to that chemicals – true your skin to suffer having at just come, there we sign for! Also in celebrityland already several celebs have been addicted to the mineral make-up. Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton, Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock uses only still beauty products based on minerals. It is therefore hotter then hot!

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